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Hello my name is Danna Frost and I’m a Colorado wedding photographer that will travel all over the world,  you just have to ask! I live in Monument , CO with my husband and two kids.  I’m primarily a wedding photographer but also have a love for families.

I photograph around 40 weddings a year so my May-October can get pretty busy.  I love the outdoors with a beautiful setting.  Put me on a large mountain and I may start drooling.  Being from Texas I never had views like we do here in Colorado and I will take every chance I can to be in the mountains.

I want my couples and families to have fun and be comfortable in front of me so I can sometime tend to be a little silly or say some crazy things.  You can say I’m a posed/non-posed type of photographer.  I will tell you where to go and stand and will capture the candid moments but the moment I need to take over and tell you exactly what to do to get the best pictures, I will.  I love movement in my photos, whether its a dress blowing in the wind, hair going crazy, a bride getting twirled or a couple laughing like crazy.  Any kind of movement is what I go for.

I like fruity beer, coconut whiskey or a good cup of coffee. I love to dance whether its busting a move to Vanilla Ice or twirling around the dance floor to a good country song so don’t be surprised if you see me dancing while I’m working.

I am a people pleaser, my clients satisfaction is everything to me.  I want you to love your photos and to get exactly what you want. I like to step into my brides shoes and try to capture everything I would have wanted. When I got married back in 2012, I didn’t know the value of having a great photographer. All I knew is I had a budget and wanted every minute covered so I sacrificed.  Because of it, it didn’t matter how long she was there, she missed so many important pictures that I cannot get back. Also I sacrificed the quality of my wedding photographer for extra hours of coverage that captured a bunch of dancing photos that I never really used. So my bad experience opened up my eyes on the true value of good photography. So if I’m out of your budget, don’t hesitate to contact me as there is a possibility I can work with you in some way or another.  


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