The Process

I could not be more excited for you, congratulations on your engagement!  This day only happens once, and there has been so much thought and planning that goes into this day.  I want you to be able to enjoy it and take in every moment of it.  This your day and you are the boss. I want to be able to speak up, weather its a specific photo you want,  more time with just you two, of if you are done with taking photos and you just want to go and enjoy your party.  I might be the photographer but you can also treat me as your planner.  I’m there to help keep the day on track and on time.


Here is some information to give you a getter idea on how the entire process works.  


Book Your Wedding 

  • Once you’re ready to book your wedding you will let me know what package you would like to go with.  From there, I will send you an online contract with an invoice for the 30% retainer.
  • Your package is never set in stone.  You are welcome to change it at any point whether its add more hours, adding photo albums or adding on an engagement session.  The only thing that changes would be your final balance.
  • I highly believe in having a second photographer which is why I have one in all my wedding packages.  Weddings are very important and I cannot be in two places at once.  But if you’re having a smaller wedding and would not like one, that is completely up to you.


Before The Wedding

  • Once it starts getting a little closer to the wedding I will touch base with you to see if you are ready to start discuss your timeline.  I am more than happy to help put one together for you.
  • Two months before the wedding, I will send you a form to fill out that asks for your timeline, family photos and any must have photos that I wouldn’t know about.  We will also discuss what type of photos stand out to you.  Every wedding is different so I want you to get the photos that you are envisioning.  Most of my couple love the idea of sunset photos.  Depending on your timeline, a great time for them is right after you get done eating as the rest of your guests will still be eating and they won’t even know you’re gone.  This is also a great time to get
  • away for some a lone time and enjoy the fact that you’re now MARRIED!


The Wedding Day

  • The second photographer and I will arrive 20min before we are to start shooting to get all of our equipment in order.  That way we are ready to start at our photography start time.
  • I will have all the information that you provided on the wedding questionnaire on my Apple Watch.  This way I always know what is happening next and what specific photos I need to get.  But don’t worry, I’m a trigger happy photographer and will be capturing anything and everything that is happening down to all the little details.
  • I want you to relax and enjoy your self!


After The Wedding

  • I know how anxious your are to see your wedding photos so within a week of the wedding I will send you your online gallery that will have 10-20 sneak peaks.
  • The rest of your images will be uploaded to your online gallery within 4 weeks from your wedding day.
  • You will receive around 100 images per hour that I’m hired for.  I don’t have a set number of images that I deliver.  If I feel you’re gonna like the image, I will deliver it.  And don’t worry, if there are some funny bloopers, I will keep those in there as well.
  • Once I receive your approval from the online gallery, I will mail your a flash drive.
  • Wedding albums are available at an additional cost.  You are welcome to design one your self through your online gallery or I can design it and send you the proof once I’m finished. The wedding albums start at $250 for 8 spreads/16 pages  with a linen cover.  You are welcome to add additional packages and upgrade to leather.


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Have Fun. Relax. Be Yourself