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Eryn & Ben: Estes Park Wedding Photography

I first met Eryn and Ben at Starbucks at our pre-wedding consultation.  From that moment I knew their wedding was going to awesome.  They both were just very laid back and up for anything.  They just wanted good wedding photos and boy were they going to get them.

The wedding took place on Eryn’s mothers land in Estes Park, the morning was bright and full of life, its like that morning was waiting for us to get awesome wedding shots.  They didn’t have a wedding party so we got to focus all our time around them.  We drove up the hill, saw some aspens and started hiking (literally). Totally worth it! The moment Eryn’s wedding dress caught some wind, my jaw dropped to the floor and I could not stop clicking.

Eryn and Bed said their vows and then it was time to party, they had popcorn, BBQ, and draft beer, now thats what you call a backyard wedding!  Congratulations to Eryn and Ben on getting hitched.

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