Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is like no other, its YOUR day!  We want to capture it the way you envisioned it.  These are the memories you want to remember forever.

No matter what package you choose, Danna Frost Photography arrives 20-30 minutes before the designated start time. This ensures we are up and running right when you need us!

Getting Ready: Depending on what you would like covered, we usually recommend us getting there an 1-1.5hrs before the first look or ceremony.  Once we arrive, I will head to the girls and the second photographer will head over to the guys.  We will start with detail photos while you are getting your base layer of makeup on.  I know I don’t like getting my picture taken when I don’t have any makeup on lol. Don’t worry.  For the getting ready photos, think detail shots of your dress, jewelry, invitation, getting into your amazing wedding dress, and you slipping into your beautiful shoes. The same is true for the men, too. We’ll capture them putting on  fastening boutonnieres to their lapels, candids of dad giving the groom some sage advice and groomsmen laughing it up while the women get ready.

Portraits: When you book with Danna Frost Photography, you’ll also get formal and informal portrait shots. That includes those gorgeous bridal portraits, handsome pics of the groom, group shots of the entire bridal party and all the family portraits. We like to do a mix of both casual and traditional for these shots.

Ceremony and Reception: Of course, we also document your entire wedding ceremony and reception, complete with all those big — and small — moments that must be caught. That includes walking down the aisle, the big kiss, the officiant speaking, musicians playing, and family and friends listening/watching. We’ll also capture all those fun and heartfelt moments at your reception, from tearful and hilarious toasts to some mad dancing skills to cake cutting and beyond.

Details: Rest assured we’ll capture all those details you planned, as well. You spent good money — and time — planning your special day; we’re here to make sure it’s documented beautifully. We’ll photograph the tiniest details on your wedding favors, the sugary flower ornaments on your cake, the lanterns hanging in the trees and anything else you thoughtfully included.

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